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    James Robinson

    Owner and Master Chef
    Chef James "JR" Robinson is a Culinary Architect and Restaurant Owner that has traveled 24 countries creating masterpieces in food form. His love of cooking started in his grandmother’s kitchen, where he formed his passion for classic homemade soul food dishes. As a young man, Chef Robinson experienced some turbulence in his life and was forced to live on the streets. Even though his time on the streets was challenging, that time formed his strong desire to want to help others overcome their own situations. In the next phase of his life Chef Robinson took his passion of cooking comfort favorites and reimagining them into memorable new dishes, and combined it with his desire to help other small business owners, struggling chefs, and restauranteurs to create the catering giant that we know today as KitchenCray Inc. KitchenCray Inc. is a team of chefs, bakers, event planners, nutrition activists, and certified bartenders; that specialize in culinary cuisines from around the world. Chef Robinson hand selects each employee, but he truly believes in "giving people a chance to change their own lives", so experience isn't required as long as "they have passion for what they do". KitchenCray Inc. under the great leadership of Chef JR Robinson, has grown into a dynamic empire. He is passing on all of his culinary expertise to his staff, giving numerous business owners the opportunity to build a legacy for their families, and is showing our children that your passion can be anything you choose. He has been named, "Best Chef in DC" and "The Brunch Kingpin". All awards are well deserved, because he has definitely managed to bring the cool back into cooking!

    Sudon Williams

    Sudon Williams, Vice President of KitchenCray wears many hats when it comes to the company. In addition to being the Vice President, the Brooklyn, New York native, also serves as the manager for KitchenCray’s founder, Chef JR Robinson. In his position as manager he handles all bookings, public relations request, and is in charge of overseeing all KitchenCray events. Sudon also serves as the brand ambassador for KitchenCray. As brand ambassador, his main focus to promote and maintain a positive image of the KitchenCray brand to potential and current customers and clients. Lastly, Sudon is heavily involved and plays an intricate role in all community related and philanthropic efforts.


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